The government to help farmers during the drought
Published 8 August, 2018
The Ministry of Rural Affairs has decided to allocate a grant to the MES Fund to support farmers due to adverse climatic conditions. The total amount of assistance will be about 20 million euros.
Estonian crypto-cash companies can not coordinate work with supervisory authorities
Published 31 July, 2018
The Estonian company Nordcoin Mining OU postponed for an indefinite period the initial placement of the tokens due to the lack of explicit comments from the Office of Financial Supervision of the country. Initially, the ICO was scheduled to the beginning of the current week.
Estonian digital technologies reach a new level
Published 24 July, 2018
The Estonian IT-company Guardtime in cooperation with the Swiss developer SICPA presented to the market a new product providing high safety of elections processes. It is expected that this technology will be used for the next elections in the United States.
Estonian companies will receive additional support for participation in exhibitions
Published 16 July, 2018
From today, Estonian enterprises will have more opportunities for independent participation in specialized exhibitions. The state plans to provide grants of up to 50,000 euros to support business in this matter.
Estonia strengthens economic ties with China
Published 10 July, 2018
Last week, the government delegations of Estonia and China held preliminary talks before the “16+1” summit.Meetings between representatives of business and government agencies of the EU and China are held for the first time in this format.
Special cards in Estonia will be equipped with NFC technology
Published 3 July, 2018
Estonia has signed a contract for the production of a new type of authentication cards with the world leader in the field of embedded digital security Oberthur Technologies. They will be equipped with devices for non-contact information reading.
Veriff continues to actively expand
Published 25 June, 2018
The Estonian startup company Veriff began to attract investors to expand its business and develop a new web application to ensure the security of small and medium-sized businesses.
India actively uses the Estonian e-resident system
Published 18 June, 2018
Representatives of the diplomatic structures of Estonia have noted the increasing interest from citizens of other states to the  digital citizenship applications. Recently, the representatives of India have been particularly active in this direction.
The port of Tallinn to enter the stock exchange
Published 13 June, 2018
Today Tallinna Sadam, the largest port organization in Estonia, is going to issue more than 250 million shares on the stock exchange. The company fulfilled all the necessary conditions the day before.
Estonia not to exclude the closure of the Rail Baltic project
Published 5 June, 2018
Representatives of the Parliament announced the results of the report on the project of the all-Baltic railway, presented earlier this week. Many unresolved issues, including in the field of cooperation between the participating countries, can lead to the complete abandonment of the Rail Baltic project implementation.
Estonian farmers to invest into innovation of agricultural sector
Published 29 May, 2018
Farm owners in Estonia are actively investing in new software eAgronom, which allows to manage the economy at the digital level.
DPD to expand the network of parcel automats in Estonia
Published 22 May, 2018
DPD company, which is well represented in the global logistics market, plans to invest almost 5 million euros in the expansion of the network in the Baltic countries in the coming years. A significant part of this amount will be spent on the installation of new parcel automats in Estonia.
Estonia to expand cooperation with Japan in the field of IT
Published 16 May, 2018
Representatives of the Ministry of entrepreneurship and information technologies of Estonia and the Ministry of communications of Japan discussed the stages of signing a number of documents aimed at the development of cooperation in the IT sector.
China expands its presence in Estonia
Published 8 May, 2018
At the end of April, the Chinese Corporation Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology closed a deal for 43 million euros to acquire all of the shares in the Estonian company Magnetic MRO.
Yandex.Taxi now drives in Estonia
Published 3 May, 2018
In May a Russian multinational company launched its taxi service in Estonia. The mobile application in the national language is already available for download.
The Baltic States started the “Amber train”
Published 23 April, 2018
Last week the first trip on the route "Amber train" was carried out within the framework of a joint project of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, aimed at the development of intermodal transport.
Estonian drivers are against new fuel
Published 17 April, 2018
At the beginning of May in Estonia the updated version of the law on fuel will start to operate. According to the amendments, the fuel will become more environmentally friendly, as it will be obliged to add biological additives.
Estonian houses take over France
Published 10 April, 2018
The Union of wooden house manufacturers of Estonia stated the need to expand the export market. The main direction for increasing sales is France.
ID cards problem still exists
Published 4 April, 2018
According to representatives of the Estonian government, the issue of ID cards replacement has not yet been resolved completely, with losses already exceeded 3.5 million euros.
Estonia plans to attract the British media in the country
Published 27 March, 2018
Representatives of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced their plans to attract British media companies to the country after the British exit from the EU.