«AS KOMERK» uudised

Estonia-China joint forum to be held in September
Avaldatud 20. august 2019.a.
Recently the Estonian entrepreneurship development fund published a schedule of events of the Doing business in China 2.0 business forum, organized jointly with the Chinese Embassy. The date is September 12.
Fish from Pärnu will return to the Russian shelves in October
Avaldatud 13. august 2019.a.
At the beginning of summer the Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation lifted the ban on supplies of fish products from an Estonian company Kajax Fishexports. Now the company is actively preparing to restore business contacts with buyers from Russia.
Tallink breaks records in the Baltic
Avaldatud 06. august 2019.a.
The largest ferry operator of the Baltic sea Tallink Grupp reported on record figures in the past month. The number of passengers in July reached almost 1.3 million people, which is a record for the entire existence of the company.
Russia is looking for entry to the Estonian energy market
Avaldatud 30. juuli 2019.a.
Recently representatives of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation proposed to create a special Commission with the participation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to discuss the issue of free access of Russian electricity to the Baltic market.
There are more and more alternative energy sources in Estonia
Avaldatud 24. juuli 2019.a.
This week a new power plant that produces energy using solar panels will be opened near the city of Pärnu on the territory of the former landfill for waste collection.
One of the largest fuel storage facilities in Estonia changes its owner
Avaldatud 18. juuli 2019.a.
In early July, an agreement was signed on the acquisition of a tank terminal for storage and transshipment of oil and fuel in the port of Muuga by a wholesale and retail seller of motor fuel Olerex AS. In this way, the company, which controls a quarter of the import market of gasoline and lubricants in Estonia, will be able to optimize costs and maintain prices at a low level.
The largest computing center in Northern Europe will be built near Narva
Avaldatud 09. juuli 2019.a.
One of the fastest growing innovative companies in Estonia Burfa Capital OU, announced its intention to build a large computer center near Narva, which will attract a significant number of customers from the international market.
Estonia losses own agricultural production
Avaldatud 02. juuli 2019.a.
Against the background of news about the extension of the economic package of EU sanctions against Russia, one of Estonia's most significant vegetable growing and processing companies Sagro AS announced a change of ownership. According to experts, in the future, several agricultural companies may leave the market.
Nordica to optimize business due to the closure of flights
Avaldatud 25. juuni 2019.a.
The state-owned Estonian airline Nordic Aviation Group recently announced the closure of five routes to various European destinations by the autumn of this year. This measure should bring the carrier to the zone of profitability.
Ingo-Paldiski gas pipeline came to land
Avaldatud 18. juuni 2019.a.
Estonian electricity and natural gas supply system operator Elering announced the withdrawal of part of the pipeline between Estonia and Finland on land. In the near future, almost 1000 meters of pipes should be pulled out from under the water.
Estonian project of artificial intelligence is entering the market of Japan
Avaldatud 11. juuni 2019.a.
Founded in 2007, the Estonian company Realeyes enters the Japanese market with a flagship development based on artificial intelligence with additional funding of 11 million euros.
Estonia has approved plans for Rail Baltic until 2022
Avaldatud 04. juuni 2019.a.
According to the budget state strategy approved in April, Estonia will allocate almost 120 million euros for the design and construction of railway sections of the Rail Baltica project.
Estonia exceeded its investment target in 2018
Avaldatud 29. mai 2019.a.
According to the report of the Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia, the volume of investments attracted to the country last year exceeded the established threshold of 150 million euros more than twice.
Estonian tax authorities updated the personal account service
Avaldatud 21. mai 2019.a.
Recently the Tax and Customs Department of Estonia resumed the work of the personal account of the e-maksuamet/e-toll service with updated functionality.
To cash money in Estonia has become easier
Avaldatud 14. mai 2019.a.
The network of grocery stores Grossi Toidukaubad has been offering a new service to its customers for two weeks. This is the ability to cash money through the cash register. The service is particularly popular in rural areas.
Tallinn airport will be expanded by several times
Avaldatud 08. mai 2019.a.
Recently the statistical services summed up the results of April in the field of transport: passenger traffic of the Lennart Meri international airport of Tallinn increased by more than 11% compared to last year.
Online trading in Estonia still has room to grow
Avaldatud 30. aprill 2019.a.
Representatives of the Department of payment and settlement systems of the Central Bank of Estonia recently announced statistics on payments made for the first months of the new year. The main increase was made by online transfers for purchases in online stores.
The European Commission will support Estonian innovation with two billion euros
Avaldatud 23. aprill 2019.a.
The Estonian EAS Found, aimed at increasing the number of exporters with high added value products in the country, has launched the next stage of applying for subsidies for young entrepreneurs. The Fund is supported by the European Commission.
Estonian Taxify enters the market of St. Petersburg with a new name
Avaldatud 17. aprill 2019.a.
Estonian ridesharing company Taxify, which began its work as a student startup 6 years ago, announced the beginning of work in St. Petersburg. Now the company, which currently operates in more than 30 countries, is called Bolt.
Scientific startups will receive an additional source of funding
Avaldatud 09. aprill 2019.a.
The Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia announced the creation of a new investment fund Early Fund II and allocation 10 million euros for its work. The main users should be small high-tech companies.