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Tallink modernizes vessels with the help of Finnish technologies
Avaldatud 12. veebruar 2018.a.
Estonia's largest shipping operator Tallink Grupp has signed a contract with a young Finnish company Fleetrange Ltd to equip its vessels with the latest Internet of Things system.
The Estonian cruise sector is ready for new records
Avaldatud 06. veebruar 2018.a.
Representatives of the St. Petersburg port "Sea facade" announced a project to create a special cruise company by 2019, which will allow tourists to sail calling at the largest Baltic ports, including Tallinn port, Helsinki port and Pionersky in Kaliningrad.
Alibaba plans to invest in Estonian business
Avaldatud 29. jaanuar 2018.a.
The Prime Minister of Estonia discussed possible cooperation with major Chinese trading platform at the world economic forum in Davos.
Investments in Estonian business for 2018 is already planned
Avaldatud 23. jaanuar 2018.a.
Enterprise development fund of Estonia (EAS) announced the publication of a plan for investment support of new business projects in 2018. The detailed information will be published at the end of the first quarter on the website eas.ee.
Cargo ports of Estonia raise the alarm
Avaldatud 16. jaanuar 2018.a.
Strained Russia's relations with the Eurozone lead to almost disappearance of the existing system of cargo transportation through the Baltic sea. The bulk of cargo now goes to the ports of St. Petersburg, Primorsk and Ust-Luga. It is expected that this figure will reach 100% by 2020.
In Estonia prices are rising, purchasing power is falling
Avaldatud 10. jaanuar 2018.a.
According to the service of the European Union Eurostat, Estonia was the only EU country where a decline in retail was recorded last year. The decrease in turnover was more than 1%.
The tunnel project Tallinn-Helsinki approved at the governmental level
Avaldatud 26. 2017.a.
A joint initiative of Finland and Estonian government structures to develop transport connections resulted in the creation of the FinEst Link project in 2016. The project involves construction of the railway submarine tunnel between the capitals of two states.
Estonia resumed the work of the joint transport commission of the Russian Federation
Avaldatud 19. 2017.a.
In May of this year Estonian Ministry of Economy offered colleagues from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to conduct joint negotiations and resume the work of the Commission, which was established in 2006.
Estonia extended the contract with "Rosneft"
Avaldatud 12. 2017.a.
Despite the sanctions and debates in the EU about the "Nord stream-2", Alexela Terminal company extended the contract for services with the Russian petroleum corporation until 2020.
The ports of the Baltic States began to use the new cargo loading system
Avaldatud 05. 2017.a.
Introduction of the container handling technology of bulk materials will become a new stage in the development of the terminals. It allows to improve significantly the efficiency of cargo handling. The port of Riga became the first one in Europe, where this system was used.
Travel of freight cars by Estonian roads will be paid
Avaldatud 28. 2017.a.
From January 2018, the truck owners will pay for the right to travel by the roads of Estonia, if the vehicle weight exceeds 3500 kg. Payment will be charged with the Estonian vehicles and trucks registered abroad.
Entrepreneurs will discuss the issues of logistics at the conference in Tallinn
Avaldatud 21. 2017.a.
A transportation conference "Cargo Transportation in 2018: how laws changes will influence on work of the sector" will be held in the Estonian capital on 23 of November. Participants of the market of transportation and freight forwarding will discuss the main problems and expectations from the new legislation bills.
The European Union plans to change the rules of Internet packages taxation
Avaldatud 16. 2017.a.
It was proposed to introduce the taxation system for the first cent, the changes will be applied only to goods arriving from the Third countries.
The Estonian government stops the certificate validity of 760 thousand ID cards
Avaldatud 08. 2017.a.
Estonian ID-cards, issued after October 2014, ceased to be valid. The government of Estonia found that the degree of vulnerability of these cards is too high. It is possible to break their basic code and steal personal data of users.
An official of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia complains about low government revenues from the excise tax on alcohol
Avaldatud 01. 2017.a.
At the conference on alcohol policy of the European Union Mr. Marek Uuskula, as a representative of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia, said that revenues from the excise tax on alcohol did not meet expectations.
Fitch Ratings upgraded the credit rating of Tallinn to the level of A+
Avaldatud 25. 2017.a.
International rating agency Fitch Ratings positively assessed the creditworthiness of Tallinn, the Estonian capital city, its credit policy and upgraded the city's credit rating to the A+ level.
Estonian port operator Aseri Sadam is preparing for the construction in the port of Muuga
Avaldatud 18. 2017.a.
Aseri Sadam company, which owns the terminal project with four berths, is ready to begin construction in the port of Muuga.
Estonia can get a part of traffic flow from the Trans-Siberian railway
Avaldatud 11. 2017.a.
Two major port company from Estonia, Port of Sillamäe and EVR Cargo, took part in the regular meeting of the “Coordinating Council on Transsiberian transportation”, which was held in Beijing.
A new Luminor Bank started working on 2 October in Estonia, and Kreditbank changed its name to Coop
Avaldatud 04. 2017.a.
The Luminor Bank, which was the result of a merger of Norwegian Bank DNB and Swedish Nordea, started its working in Estonia.
Russian importers choose European Baltic ports
Avaldatud 27. september 2017.a.
In the Russian Baltic ports there is a shortage of container cargo. Meanwhile, business of the European neighbours in the Baltic is better.