Iceland will connect to the Estonian X-Road system
Published 6 March, 2019
Last week, representatives of the ministries of Estonia and Iceland confirmed the intention to connect the Viking country to the Estonian development in the field of secure data exchange X-Road. For now, only Finland is connected to the system except the Estonia such country of the developer.
Estonia invests more than 400 million euros in railways
Published 27 February, 2019
Last week the Ministry of economy and infrastructure of Estonia published the approved plans for the development of the railway industry of the country. In the next 6 years, it is planned to invest more than 400 million euros in the railway net.
Estonian business to storm the Emirates
Published 20 February, 2019
Estonian entrepreneurs, together with the EAS investment fund, are actively increasing exports, including by entering the Middle East markets. This week Estonian companies take part in two of the largest expositions in their industry in the United Arab Emirates.
The European Space Agency to help ferry Tallink
Published 12 February, 2019
Tallink, as one of the largest Baltic shipping companies, plans to implement a joint project with the participation of Finnish specialists and attraction of investments from the European Space Agency (ESA). The main goal is to automate the movement of ships as much as possible.
Estonia will improve its image with the help of professionals
Published 5 February, 2019
The Estonian government expects to spend almost 1 million euros in 2019 to form a more attractive image of the country in terms of investment in the domestic economy. The developed image should be the same for use in all countries.
Road transport aggregators can leave the Estonian market
Published 29 January, 2019
One of the largest Estonian companies on joint trips Taxify announced a possible exit from the country's market due to the planned changes in the legal framework, which may lead to increased pressure on aggregators.
The number of Start-Up visas is planned to be increased by 2 times
Published 22 January, 2019
According to the results of the Startup Visa program launched two years ago, the number of applicants for a start visa is constantly growing. In 2019, it is planned to increase the indicators by more than 2 times.
Estonia attracts Latvia to the system of collecting packaging
Published 15 January, 2019
Representatives of the relevant environmental authorities of Latvia and Estonia have started to develop a project for the establishment of a common system for the storage, processing and disposal of packaging.
A new crypto-exchange opened in Estonia
Published 9 January, 2019
Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ, a company registered in Estonia, announced the launch of the DX.Exchange cryptocurrency platform earlier this week. The new instrument operates in accordance with the European Union regulatory framework and can be used as a depository.
Crypto trading in Estonia will become more accessible for beginners
Published 25 December, 2018
A young Estonian company CoinMetro recently launched the first version of the platform to work with cryptocurrencies and conventional monetary units. The developers hope to combine traditional exchanges and blockchain companies in this way.
5G auction will be held in Estonia next year
Published 18 December, 2018
Representatives of the Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia announced plans to hold an unusual auction in the first half of 2019 – 5g network frequencies will be put up for sale.
Autolevi expands its presence in Finland
Published 11 December, 2018
The Estonian car rental company Autolevi plans to increase its presence in Finland. Created in 2012, the company already unites more than 20 thousand users.
It will be possible to buy online in Estonia on the general EU conditions
Published 4 December, 2018
The directive on non-discrimination of clients depending on their citizenship and place of residence, approved earlier by the Parliament of the country, came into force in Estonia this week. So far, the issues have not been resolved only in the field of media space.
Aquaphor takes root in Estonia
Published 27 November, 2018
Aquaphor, one of the largest Russian companies for the production of sorbents and water filters, agreed on a joint project with the Estonian investment Agency EAS to expand production capacity in the cities of Ida-Viru County.
Tallinn again sets a record for the number of tourists
Published 20 November, 2018
Last week, the port of Tallinn published statistics on the number of tourists arriving in Estonia this year through the sea gate of the country. The number of guests increased by almost 12% compared to last year.
A special portal was created in Estonia to connect business and the state
Published 13 November, 2018
In Estonia, a new information resource aimed at involving business in government projects related to the economic development of the country has been launched in a test mode.
Estonia fights for the attention of Kazakhstan
Published 7 November, 2018
At the current interstate forum in Kazakhstan, representatives of the Estonian government once again confirmed the desire to expand and deepen the degree of cooperation between the two countries, primarily in the field of logistics.
Cross-border cooperation between Estonia and Russia was extended to 2020
Published 29 October, 2018
Last week the lower house of the Russian Parliament ratified the trilateral agreement between the EU, Russia and Estonia on cross-border cooperation. The main point was the harmonization of the project financing issues with the Russian legislation.
Estonia began to fight with gray salaries actively
Published 23 October, 2018
The Estonian tax and customs Department has entered an active phase in the fight against"grey salaries." For this purpose, the government has made some agreements with representatives of banking institutions.
Rail Baltica project is subjected to a large-scale audit
Published 16 October, 2018
Control and audit departments of the Baltic States will soon make a full-scale audit of the Rail Baltica project, which is in the final stage of design.