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Tourism and education are under threat
Avaldatud 27. mai 2020.a.
The statistics Department of Estonia has published disappointing data for the country's tourism industry - the number of foreign visitors decreased by more than 20% in the first quarter of this year. The drop is primarily due to the current European quarantine for the covid-19 pandemic.
Estonia comes out of quarantine on 18 May
Avaldatud 19. mai 2020.a.
At an online meeting held at the end of last week, the government of Estonia decided to terminate the emergency regime imposed in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. All official documents related to this regime are considered invalid since 18 May.
Information about the companies-debtors will be open again
Avaldatud 13. mai 2020.a.
Since the beginning of the unstable period in the economy associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the Tax and customs Department of Estonia has stopped publishing data on companies that are in arrears on mandatory state payments. However, this practice was negatively perceived by most of the business community.
An online store in Estonia can now be opened for free
Avaldatud 28. aprill 2020.a.
Innovative company Shopz.com offered Estonian businesses assistance in the form of 100 free packages for creating an online store and its counterpart for working on a smartphone in the difficult time of the world quarantine. This will allow companies not to suspend commercial activities during the pandemic.
Estonia is ready to leave the quarantine
Avaldatud 20. aprill 2020.a.
At the end of last week the Estonian healthcare authority announced the main data on the incidence of covid-19 in the country. So far, the statistics of infection spread are favorable.
Estonian Railways are moving to a new digital level
Avaldatud 14. aprill 2020.a.
The state-owned logistics railway company AS Operail has started implementing a new management program that should lead the freight transport system to a new level. The digital modernization process is planned to be completed by 2021.
Estonia to host global online conference to fight covid-19
Avaldatud 07. aprill 2020.a.
Several Estonian companies, including the organizer of the startup training camp Garage48 and the Ministry of economy-supported project AccelerateEstonia, which develops concepts for developing new markets, initiated the Global Hack conference on a global level. The main goal of the forum is to develop new, modern and effective ideas that would help countries more effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences in all spheres of life.
Innovative companies in Estonia started to help doctors
Avaldatud 01. aprill 2020.a.
Innovative Estonian startup Skeleton Technologies, which produces supercapacitors for the European space Agency, has developed a special model for medical equipment. Release of SkelMod 131V is carried out in the German plant of the company.
Estonian airspace is gradually being closed
Avaldatud 24. märts 2020.a.
Representatives of the Lennart Meri Tallinn airport reported that 8 passenger air transport routes will remain in operation during the period of quarantine measures related to the coronavirus pandemic.
Estonia to be under quarantine
Avaldatud 17. märts 2020.a.
Since March 17, Estonia is actually under quarantine - foreign citizens will be banned from entering the country and control will be restored at border posts with other EU States. Such strict measures are associated with the active spread of covid-2019 in the EU.
Modular nuclear power plant to appear in Western Estonia
Avaldatud 11. märts 2020.a.
Fermi Energia company, created by experts in the field of nuclear energy in Estonia, has designated the region for the construction of a new generation nuclear power plant. The commissioning of the facility is expected by the end of 2030.
E-residents to open an account in Estonia remotely
Avaldatud 04. märts 2020.a.
Estonian platform Xolo, the largest provider of services for online entrepreneurs conducting remote business, and German Bank Wirecard have developed a new service that allows e-residents to open an international bank account without visiting the office of a credit institution and the country as a whole.
Estonia may lose Eleon
Avaldatud 28. veebruar 2020.a.
Eleon company, an innovator in the development and production of wind generators, announced the withdrawal of its main divisions from Estonia. The company's management complains about the unfavorable climate created by the government officials for the company's development.
Estonia and Finland started exchanging commercial information via digital channels
Avaldatud 18. veebruar 2020.a.
Recently Estonia and Finland launched the process of exchanging information about commercial enterprises listed in the special register via the X-Road platform. This is the next stage on the way of combining the digital services of the two countries.
A new database of startup projects has been launched in Estonia
Avaldatud 12. veebruar 2020.a.
Startup Estonia company, created on the initiative of the government, presented an updated database of start-up entrepreneurs in the country at the beginning of the year. To date, the number of registered startups has exceeded 1000.
Estonia and Norway will start working together on the "Green ICT" program"
Avaldatud 04. veebruar 2020.a.
The Estonian business development Foundation has started accepting applications for grants to develop green information and communication technologies. Priority will be given to the projects implemented jointly with the companies from Norway.
Estonian "supercapacitors" will be used in public transport
Avaldatud 28. jaanuar 2020.a.
Estonian startup Skeleton Technologies, which has attracted more than 50 million euros in recent years, will start working with Polish Medcom to develop food and storage elements for public transport, in particular for trams.
Estonia invests in "plastic" fuel
Avaldatud 21. jaanuar 2020.a.
The leading electricity supplier in Estonia Eesti Energia has placed a state tender for research in the field of obtaining fuel from household and industrial waste. The main product of the study will be car tires and plastic bottles.
Estonia sums up tourism results of 2019
Avaldatud 13. jaanuar 2020.a.
According to the statistics office of Estonia, in the past year the number of tourists visiting the country increased by 13% compared to 2018. Representatives of the hotel business note the increase in the length of the rental period and the number of reservations. It means that the percentage of guests coming for one day is actively reduced.
Estonia plans to fill the Gulf of Riga with wind turbines
Avaldatud 31. 2019.a.
The state energy concern Eesti Energia, which actively works in the Baltic States, has sent a request for permission to build a joint Estonian-Latvian wind farm in the Gulf of Riga. Approval of the project will attract additional investment for construction.