Estonian houses take over France

Estonian houses take over France
Publishedо 10 April, 2018
The Union of wooden house manufacturers of Estonia stated the need to expand the export market. The main direction for increasing sales is France.

At the moment the main market of Estonian producers are Sweden and Norway. Recently, changes in the exchange rate of the national currencies of these countries have led to a significant increase in the cost of Estonian products, and it has become more difficult to compete with local producers.

Nowadays, the French government is actively implementing the construction of wooden houses, including due to the high level of environmental friendliness and thermal insulation. An increasing number of high-rise buildings made of wood are being coordinated at the state level. In this regard, in March Estonian manufacturers held a presentation at the Embassy in Paris and discussed the growth in the wooden houses supply (in 2017 it amounted to more than 17 million euros).