Estonia fights for the attention of Kazakhstan

Estonia fights for the attention of Kazakhstan
Publishedо 7 November, 2018
At the current interstate forum in Kazakhstan, representatives of the Estonian government once again confirmed the desire to expand and deepen the degree of cooperation between the two countries, primarily in the field of logistics.

The Estonian delegation includes about 30 largest entrepreneurs of the country, who are interested in working together with Astana in the field of IT-technologies, engineering, waste processing and food products. But the main issue on which Tallinn's main efforts are directed is the cargo flow from China, which moves along the South-North corridor to Europe through Kazakhstan.

Estonia hopes to attract e-Commerce products to its ports, including through the establishment of modern distribution centres. The Prime Minister of the country reassures that shipping costs and terms will be much reduced through upgrading all components in the logistics. The experts are sceptical about this initiative, recalling that the transit corridors are already built. It will take a lot of efforts to attract cargo to your side, including from Kazakhstan.