A new crypto-exchange opened in Estonia

A new crypto-exchange opened in Estonia
Avaldatud 09. jaanuar 2019.a.
Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ, a company registered in Estonia, announced the launch of the DX.Exchange cryptocurrency platform earlier this week. The new instrument operates in accordance with the European Union regulatory framework and can be used as a depository.

Thanks to the Coins Marketplace licenses provided by the Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia, the exchange has the ability to convert cryptocurrency into ordinary monetary units, as well as to work as an electronic wallet. Also DX.Exchange uses the mechanisms of the NASDAQ exchange in its work, which gives users access to a wide range of shares traded in the United States.

The developers note that users have the opportunity to work with tokenized securities placed on a special account of the company. The use of the token system will allow to trade shares in whole and in part.

Source: baltic-course.com