Fulfillment from «Komerk AS» - is our care about logistics in your internet business

Fulfillment is a business service, which is the most demanded nowadays by companies that perform their commercial activities via internet (owners of e-shops).

Fulfillment sphere is that part of business process, which doesn't affect marketing component and lies in execution of order. Goods delivery from producer's or supplier's warehouse to transit warehouse, order processing, its completing, packing, marking and delivery to buyer - all these operations are a most important part of business of any e-shop, but due to their significant financial costs they are mostly transferred under control of external fulfillment center.

Company «Komerk AS», which has many years of experience in the sphere of logistics services, offers its capacities of fulfillment operator for successful running your internet business without costs for own logistics. You can transfer the entire procedure of processing and executing an order for our full outsourcing, starting from the first client's phone call, or order partial fulfillment for e-shops, having excluded from it any link of logistics chain.

What can company «Komerk AS» offer in the capacity of fulfillment operator?

  • sufficient warehouse areas for storage of any goods in many countries of the world;
  • services of highly-skilled specialists;
  • acceptance of goods from supplier to warehouse, its storage, screening and control over availability of its assortment;
  • processing of the received order, its batching, completing, packing and marking;
  • delivery of the order to the buyer;
  • acceptance and processing of returns;
  • services for contact center arrangement for your e-shop.

In addition to standard services, we also present you a number of additional capabilities to run business on the internet. By transferring your logistics to full outsourcing of our company, you can receive:

  • significant marketing support;
  • assistance in management of advertisement campaigns;
  • services of transport logistics;
  • full control over the entire goal of cooperation with buyers and suppliers.

However, at wish these services can also be ordered as independent ones, including provision of a separate platform in e-shop of company «Komerk AS» for your internet business.

Offering the company as fulfillment operator, we have significant technical, territorial and human resources potential. Convenient geographical location allows us to promptly deliver goods from any and into any country of the world. Own thoroughly guarded warehouse territories guarantee full security of goods, and for cases of unforeseen situations, all the goods received at the warehouse, are automatically insured. Cooperation with courier services in more than 100 cities of Russia guarantees high speed of order delivery to your buyer.

Having ordered fulfillment services in company «Komerk AS», you will not only free yourself from the necessity to solve organizational aspects of goods delivery from supplier to customer, but you will also save a significant amount, which you would have had to invest into maintaining your own logistics service.

You can learn more about our fulfillment services for e-shops by telephone of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia +372-6-387-542, +372-533-075-64. Call now to start your internet business without any extra efforts even tomorrow.