«Komerk AS» company is a leading provider of logistics services in Estonia

We provide handling only for not sanctioned cargoes

«Komerk AS» company has operated in the logistics services since 1994 year and proved itself to be a leading customs broker in Estonia long ago. Our offer for solving a task set by you can include a full range of services required for delivery of goods from a supplier to a customer – from the development of an international route to the complete outsourcing of the logistics of your company.

What gives us an advantage over other logistics companies?

Convenient location in the territory of the Estonian port of Muuga guaranteeing a high speed of delivery to any place in the world:

  • Free customs zone. Simplified process of customs procedures and issuance of customs documents. Simplified procedures for transit registration.
  • All year navigation. The water area of ​​the port does not freeze even in winter.
  • Convenient infrastructure. Two branch lines in the territory of the warehouse. Three mooring houses with a length of 630 meters. Convenient highway connections. Container depot, which allows accommodating up to 1,500 TEU.

Using of the latest technological equipment allowing carrying out all operations with the cargo quickly:

  • Modern equipment. Traveling bridge KSK-32 and loaders with a lifting capacity of 1.8 to 24 tons.
  • Cargoes handling rate. We can simultaneously unload-load 18 covered wagons, open wagons or platforms, simultaneously use 12 loading “gates” to receive vehicles, simultaneously unload up to 10 containers. This gives us the opportunity to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

The broadest opportunities for cargo storage and issuance of bills of lading for them:

  • Storage reliability. Total terminal area is more than 100,000 m2. Covered warehouses with an area of more than 27,000 m2 and open storage areas.

The company has operated since 1994 and is justifiably proud of a unique experience in the provision of logistics services internationally, performing daily cargo transportations from and to any country in the world.

  • Experience in providing logistics services. «Komerk AS» company is a part of the international group of logistics companies and provides a full range of logistics services in Estonia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Russia.
  • Providing services internationally. All services are provided in three languages: English, Russian and Estonian. Thanks to the wide partner network and favorable location of consolidation warehouses in various countries around the world we are able to combine the broad geography of transportation and optimal terms of delivery.

As you can see, «Komerk AS» company has all the capabilities to resolve any task quickly. So why continue to waste time looking for a logistics services provider, if our managers are ready to answer your phone call? Call now - entrust your task logistics to the professionals!


Warehouse services of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia mean quality proved by tons of cargo

Warehouse services are an essential part of logistics complex. Each cargo, passing through stages of international transportation, must be subjected to a number of procedures, including warehouse labor.

Customs warehouse services of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia:

  • manual and machine loading and unloading;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes of different hazard classes;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes, which are different in measurements;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes, subject to mandatory veterinary checks;
  • loads fastening on open platforms of low-sided wagons and in covered wagons;
  • cargo photographing and weighing;
  • services on cargo completing, recompleting, sorting, packaging and palletizing;
  • covered cargo storage in conditions of low thermal conditions (+2…+10оС);
  • storage of containers (loaded or empty);
  • execution of all set of transportation documents for cargo dispatch to any country of the world.

For more detailed information about prices and full list of warehouse services, provided by company «Komerk AS», contact our specialists by telephone in Estonia +372-6-387-542. Entrust your cargo to professionals.

Logistics services of company «Komerk AS» are confidence in safety, preservation and timely delivery of any cargo

Our company performs more than physical transportation of cargoes from one place in the world to another one. The complex of measures on cargoes delivery includes:

  • development of delivery route and choice of transportation mode with taking into account peculiarities of the cargo and requirements of the client;
  • warehouse labor and placement of cargoes in temporary or long-term storage warehouses, including in containers;
  • preparation of all the transportation documentation, necessary for further cargo transportation;
  • freight forwarding, if necessary.

What logistics services are offered by «Komerk AS»?

  • International transportation of any cargoes.
  • Container transportation.
  • Cargo transportation of local significance.
  • Transportation of joint cargo.
  • Cargo consolidation.
  • Just on line delivery of cargo from any place in the world: Turkey, China, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Poland, France, Germany, etc.
  • Cargo delivery by any transport type (railway, sea, air and automobile).
  • Multimodal transportation.
  • Full range of customs formalities.

Logistics services «Komerk AS» are rational solution for any business. We will take care about delivery of your cargo as well as you would do it and even better. For more detailed information contact us at telephone number +372-6-387-542.

Fulfillment from «Komerk AS» - is our care about logistics in your internet business

Fulfillment is a business service, which is the most demanded nowadays by companies that perform their commercial activities via internet (owners of e-shops).

What can company «Komerk AS» offer in the capacity of fulfillment operator?

  • sufficient warehouse areas for storage of any goods in many countries of the world;
  • services of highly-skilled specialists;
  • acceptance of goods from supplier to warehouse, its storage, screening and control over availability of its assortment;
  • processing of the received order, its batching, completing, packing and marking;
  • delivery of the order to the buyer;
  • acceptance and processing of returns;
  • services for contact center arrangement for your e-shop.

In addition to standard services, we also present you a number of additional capabilities to run business on the internet. By transferring your logistics to full outsourcing of our company, you can receive:

  • significant marketing support;
  • assistance in management of advertisement campaigns;
  • services of transport logistics;
  • full control over the entire goal of cooperation with buyers and suppliers.

You can learn more about our fulfillment services for e-shops by telephone of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia +372-6-387-542, +372-533-075-64. Call now to start your internet business without any extra efforts even tomorrow.

Company «Komerk AS» is one of the largest operators of cargo expedited delivery from Europe to Russia

Over more than 20-year period of existence our company has proven itself as reliable transporter and experienced customs broker on the market of logistics services.

Why do we believe that «Komerk AS» is the best operator of expedited cargo delivery?

  • Constant interaction with customs services and knowledge of peculiarities of their work allow the company guaranteeing the shortest terms for delivery and customs clearance of any goods.
  • Every day hundreds of tons of cargo with different complexity are dispatched from warehouses of «Komerk AS» by all kinds of transport.
  • Thanks to developed logistics and partners’ network, as well as to having our own transportation company Esterson OÜ, we can promptly deliver any parcel to any place in Russia from Europe, Asia and America.
  • The company has many years of work experience in the sphere of fulfillment services and it cooperates with a lot of e-shops.

Company «Komerk AS» has all the resources necessary for quality provision of expedited delivery services. Do not make your clients wait, call us right now! Telephone of «Komerk AS» in Estonia: +372-6-387-542.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Department asks European suppliers to carefully get acquainted with the new restrictions imposed by the European Union on Russia at the end of February. This is particularly true for the issue of transit in the supplies of goods to the countries of Asia and Transcaucasia.
Published 3 March, 2023
KOMERK AS’s partners
Feedback on «KOMERK AS»
  1. We hereby confirm that the Company Komerk AS is our partner in the field of the warehouse logistics. During our cooperation Komerk AS confirmed its high professional status, competence and activity in solving the assigned tasks. All works are performed in time, within the strictly specified time-limits and with appropriate quality. The employees of the organization have proven themselves as executive and highly-skilled specialists.

    We recommend the Company Komerk AS as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

    Executive Director HECKSHER EESTI OU Sergey Stanogin
  2. We, the Company NTN EST AS, have been working with the logistics center KOMERK AS since 2007. The specific nature of our company’s activities is to organize the delivery of complete and packaged cargoes by maritime transport. Our company is fully satisfied with the quality of the services provided and the work of specialists of the logistics center KOMERK AS.

    The Company NTN EST AS, represented by the General Director Mikhail Zhigalin, considers it necessary to recommend KOMERK AS as a reliable, conscientious and long-term partner, performing a wide range of services related to the warehouse cargo handling. 

    General Director Mikhail Zhigalin
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