Warehouse services

Warehouse services of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia mean quality proved by tons of cargo

Warehouse services are an essential part of logistics complex. Each cargo, passing through stages of international transportation, must be subjected to a number of procedures, including warehouse labor.

Company «Komerk AS», which has been performing logistics activity on the territory of Estonia for over 20 years, pays especial attention to the quality of provided warehouse services. By saying that the company has all the resources for full-fledged quality warehouse cargo processing and storing, we mean;

  • 100 000m2 of total warehouse area, which includes category A warehouses (9,500m2), category B warehouses (18,000m2), category C warehouses (18,000m2) and outdoor storage pads;
  • excellent technical equipment (20 portal cranes with maximum capacity up to 40 tons, as well as a travelling gantry crane KSK-32 and sufficient number of loaders with capacity of 1.8-28 tons work on the territory of the company);
  • qualified staff that has undergone all the necessary stages of preparation and has high level of professionalism.

Thanks to the fact that our warehouse in Estonia is conveniently located in port of Muuga and has developed infrastructure (two railroad spurs, three docksides with total length of 630 meters and an excellent highway connection, as well as own container depot, on the territory of which it is possible to place up to 1,500 TEU at the same time), company «Komerk AS» can also guarantee high speed of conducting cargo handling operations.

Independent of to what warehouses of Europe, Russia or any other place in the world your cargo travels after our warehouse, you can be fully confident that the support documentation, executed by us, will be accepted and understood at all control points, as all the services of the company are provided in four different languages: English, Russian, Estonian and Chinese.

Customs warehouse services of company «Komerk AS» in Estonia:

  • manual and machine loading and unloading;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes of different hazard classes;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes, which are different in measurements;
  • loading and unloading, storage of cargoes, subject to mandatory veterinary checks;
  • loads fastening on open platforms of low-sided wagons and in covered wagons;
  • cargo photographing and weighing;
  • services on cargo completing, recompleting, sorting, packaging and palletizing;
  • covered cargo storage in conditions of low thermal conditions (+2…+10оС);
  • storage of containers (loaded or empty);
  • execution of all set of transportation documents for cargo dispatch to any country of the world.

For more detailed information about prices and full list of warehouse services, provided by company «Komerk AS», contact our specialists by telephone in Estonia +372-6-387-542. Entrust your cargo to professionals.