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Exporters should carefully get acquainted with the new restrictions
Avaldatud 03. märts 2023.a.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Department asks European suppliers to carefully get acquainted with the new restrictions imposed by the European Union on Russia at the end of February. This is particularly true for the issue of transit in the supplies of goods to the countries of Asia and Transcaucasia.
New restrictions on imports from Russia have come into force
Avaldatud 11. jaanuar 2023.a.
Since January 9, the restrictions imposed by the EU Council Regulation No. 2022/1904 of 06.10.2022 have come into force, according to which the list of goods originating from the territory of Russia, prohibited for import into EU countries, is significantly expanded.
Working hours of the Komerk warehouse on holidays
Avaldatud 22. 2022.a.
Komerk AS, the leading provider of logistics services in Estonia, congratulates its partners on the upcoming holidays and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation!
Operail stops delivering Russian goods
Avaldatud 16. 2022.a.
The state-owned Estonian railway carrier Operail will not accept Russian or Belarusian-made products for transportation since the new year. The official statement was recently published by the Ministry of Economy and Communications.
November is the last month for the supply of petroleum products from Russia
Avaldatud 16. 2022.a.
Estonian Tax and Customs Board reminds that at the beginning of December the provisions of EU Council Regulation 2022/879 of 03.06.2022 come into force, prohibiting the supply of crude oil and goods containing at least 70% oil products originating in Russia.
Estonia to end customs cooperation with Russia in six months
Avaldatud 25. 2022.a.
Estonia has sent an official notification to the Russian Federal Customs Service of its intention to terminate cooperation in the sphere of cargo clearance at the border. The agreement concluded in 1999 will be terminated in six months.
Restrictions on entry of European trucks started in Russia
Avaldatud 11. 2022.a.
Since 10 October, Russia has imposed restrictions on European transport companies, limiting the territory over which EU-registered trucks. No exception is made even for transit shipments, for example to Asian countries.
European Customs recalls sanctions
Avaldatud 24. mai 2022.a.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Department reminds exporters of the current restrictions on the export of a number of goods to Russia and calls for careful inspection of goods before shipment. When submitting a declaration, the sender must provide all the necessary documents and permits from the authorized bodies of the European Union.
The cost of housing is growing at a rapid pace
Avaldatud 28. aprill 2022.a.
The latest Eurostat report recorded Estonia's leadership in the rate of increase in the cost of real estate and its rental among all EU countries. More and more people refuse to buy new housing, but you should not expect discounts in the near future.
Estonian ports are closed to Russian ships
Avaldatud 21. aprill 2022.a.
The next package of restrictive measures, previously approved by the EU Council, began to operate in Estonia. It prohibits ships from the Russian Federation from entering Baltic ports, except for extreme situations.
TUI customers in Estonia were left without vacation
Avaldatud 13. aprill 2022.a.
The introduction of another sanctions package by the European Union led to the suspension of the activities of one of the largest travel companies in the Baltic countries. TT Baltics, as the official representative of the German TUI, was blacklisted due to the presence of Russian entrepreneurs in the list of owners.
From April 1, all declarant accounts must be in euros
Avaldatud 06. aprill 2022.a.
Taking into account the unstable situation in the financial market, the European Central Bank has stopped publishing the reference rate of the Russian ruble to the euro since the beginning of March. In this regard, in customs documents submitted to Estonian customs from April 1, invoices issued in rubles are no longer accepted for processing.
Estonia will have to increase the amount of business support
Avaldatud 23. märts 2022.a.
The restrictions imposed by the EU on the import of various groups of goods from the Russian Federation, as well as the ban on flights for Russian airlines, will require a significant increase in state subsidies to support business in Estonia.
The European Union has set a limit of 300 euros for export to Russia
Avaldatud 17. märts 2022.a.
Estonian exporters and online stores sending orders to Russia should pay attention to the new restrictions imposed on March 15 in addition to the current EU Regulation No. 833/2014.
Estonia warns of a delay in exports
Avaldatud 02. märts 2022.a.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Department warns exporters planning shipments to Belarus and Russia about increasing the terms of registration when crossing the EU border. It is also worth taking a closer look at the list of sanctions restrictions.
Tallink has become less unprofitable, investments and franchises save
Avaldatud 23. veebruar 2022.a.
One of the largest passenger shipping operators in the Baltic, Tallink, reported on a gradual reduction in losses since the beginning of the pandemic. However, it is too early to talk about a complete way out of the crisis.
EMTA reminds you of virtual money taxes
Avaldatud 15. veebruar 2022.a.
Many owners of virtual monetary units often forget that their use in many cases leads to the obligation to pay income tax. EMTA issues clarifications on this issue annually.
The "reporting period" has started in Estonia
Avaldatud 09. veebruar 2022.a.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Department recalls the beginning of the period during which it is necessary to submit business reports, tax returns and income declarations, data on the use of compensation from the state, and so on.
"Climatic" duties scare Estonian agricultural producers
Avaldatud 03. veebruar 2022.a.
Estonian agricultural producers worry that a program to introduce increased "green" customs duties may kill the industry. Particular attention is paid to fertilizers imported from Russia.
Covid restrictions in Estonia are proposed to be mitigated
Avaldatud 26. jaanuar 2022.a.
Representatives of the scientific council advising the government on covid-19 issues, as well as some parliamentarians, propose to adjust the restrictions in force in the country due to the pandemic.