European Customs recalls sanctions

European Customs recalls sanctions
Avaldatud 24. mai 2022.a.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Department reminds exporters of the current restrictions on the export of a number of goods to Russia and calls for careful inspection of goods before shipment. When submitting a declaration, the sender must provide all the necessary documents and permits from the authorized bodies of the European Union.

At the moment, there are 5 documents that prohibit the supply of certain customs codes to both companies and individuals:

EU Regulation 833/2014 of 31.07.2014 - basic document;

EU Regulation 2022/328 of 25.02.2022 - applies to dual-use goods;

EU Regulation 2022/428 of 15.03.2022 - includes luxury goods worth more than 300 euros;

EU Regulation 2022/576 of 08.04.2022 - restricts the export of products that can be used in the oil and gas industry;

EU Regulation 2022/578 of 08.04.2022 - deals exclusively with the ban on the work of Russian carriers on the territory of the European Union.