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Industrial sector of Estonia got affected by slate production
Avaldatud 07. veebruar 2017.a.
In 2016 the production sector of Estonia was significantly influenced by recession in the mining industry. Decrease in production volumes of this sphere was 16% for the year, and slate and peat production became the main hindered sectors.
Estonia may have a refined wood manufacturing plant
Avaldatud 31. jaanuar 2017.a.
Preliminary analysis of the possibility to build a plant for the production of refined wood in Estonia has shown that the most suitable area for that purpose is the lower reaches of the Suur-Emajõgi.
Veterinary department should know about all dead birds
Avaldatud 24. jaanuar 2017.a.
Department of veterinary and food control in Estonia encourages the citizens to inform about all birds found dead, resulting from the spread of dangerous veterinarian disease called influenza type H5N8 on the territory of Europe.
Estonia plans to sign a Rail Baltic agreement on 31 January
Avaldatud 18. jaanuar 2017.a.
Estonian government plans to sign an agreement on the Rail Baltic project of the European trail railway in Tallinn on 31 January during the meeting of the prime-ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Annual cargo turnover of Estonian harbors decreased 10%
Avaldatud 10. jaanuar 2017.a.
According to the cargo turnover statistics, volume of transshipment at harbors of Tallinna Sadam company decreased to 20,1 million tons by 10% in 2016 in comparison with 2015.
The Baltic states decided to disconnect from the BRELL system
Avaldatud 20. 2016.a.
According to the media sources, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plan to disconnect until 2025 from the “BRELL electrical ring” - power supply system of “Belarus – Russia – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania”.
Cargo fleet instead of Rail Balticа
Avaldatud 13. 2016.a.
Estonian Seamen's Independent Union (EMSA) petitioned Riigikogu for reallocation of funds devoted to Rail Baltica construction to engineering of its own cargo fleet.
Earnings of Estonian manufacturers keep declining
Avaldatud 06. 2016.a.
According to the data portal  rus.err.ee, the consolidated returns of Estonian manufacturers in the third quarter of this year decreased 4% in relation to the indices of the same period in 2015.
China has small knowledge of Estonia
Avaldatud 29. 2016.a.
Tsyui Chzhe, the PRC ambassador in Estonia, believes that the countries should get to know more about each other to launch Estonian dairy products on the market of China.
Estonian sprats export to Russia may be resumed at the beginning of 2017
Avaldatud 22. 2016.a.
Ban imposed in 2015 on canned fish deliveries from Estonia and Latvia to Russia may be ended after the New year.
Export of Estonian goods increased 10% for the year
Avaldatud 15. 2016.a.
According to the REGNUM data agency, export of Estonian goods made an increase by 10% in September as compared with the same period of the last year and amounted to 71% of the total volume of Estonian exported goods.
Bad weather resulted in traffic standstill in Estonia
Avaldatud 08. 2016.a.
In Estonia the beginning of November is marked by strong wind and snowfall, that caused serious problems not only on the motorways but at the shipping lanes as well.
Industrial production of Estonia increased by 7%
Avaldatud 01. 2016.a.
According to dv.ee, the industrial production volume at Estonian enterprises increased by 7% in September of the current year compared with the same period of 2015.
Estonia, Finland and the EU are going to finance the construction of Balticconnector gas pipeline
Avaldatud 25. 2016.a.
The data agency  ria.ru with reference to the press-service of The Cabinet of Estonia reports that on October 21, 2016 the representatives of Estonia, Finland and the EU signed a contract on co-investment of Balticconnector gas pipeline construction in the amount of 187 million euros.
Enics company’s plant in Alva will be expanded
Avaldatud 18. 2016.a.
Enics Grupp company is planning to invest about 5 millions euro in a plant expansion in Alva.
Kersti Kaljulaid has entered an office of the president of Estonia
Avaldatud 11. 2016.a.
On October 10 there has taken place a ceremonial taking the oath by Kersti Kaljulaid, a new head of the state, heading the Council for Development Monitoring under the parliament's office since 2016.
“Concrete construction 2016”competition has commenced in Estonia
Avaldatud 04. 2016.a.
On 27 September Concrete union of Estonia and Estonian union of construction material producers announced about the beginning of “Concrete construction 2016” competition.
An opinion: Almost all advances in industrial and agricultural sectors of Estonia are lost
Avaldatud 27. september 2016.a.
During the conference “The future of the Baltic sea region: risks and opportunities”, held on the 21-23 September in Saint-Petersburg, Hanon Barabaner, a member of RANS, declared that at this moment Estonia has lost almost all advances in industrial and agricultural sectors which were made in Soviet times.
The economy of Estonia is hurting because of the reduction in transit volumes
Avaldatud 20. september 2016.a.
According to the statistics, the volumes of transit shipment across Estonia reduced by 7 times for 10 years.