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Estonian cars must leave Russia by September 1
Avaldatud 27. juuli 2021.a.
Estonia's customs service reminds citizens of the need to take out private cars from Russia before September 1. The grace period of use has been extended twice by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation due to the covid-19 epidemic.
Estonia accelerates vaccination rates
Avaldatud 20. juuli 2021.a.
The opening of borders and the temporary easing of quarantine measures caused another wave of covid-19, which is gradually covering Estonia. In order to avoid another lockdown, the government is actively increasing the pace of vaccination.
Estonian Customs has issued explanations on parcel processing
Avaldatud 13. juuli 2021.a.
The website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Department has published a guide and answers to the most popular questions among recipients of parcels that were ordered in countries outside the European Union. From July 1, all of them are subject to mandatory declaration regardless of cost.
The EU Green Initiative could be a problem for Estonia
Avaldatud 06. juuli 2021.a.
In mid-July, EU countries will be presented with another package of bills aimed at significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the next 10 years. Despite the active introduction of "green" energy, some industries in Estonia may not be able to withstand these innovations.
The borders are open, the epidemic in the EU has begun to decline
Avaldatud 30. juuni 2021.a.
Taking into account the significant decrease in the number of newly infected covid-19 in the EU countries, Estonia has lifted restrictions on border crossing and mandatory isolation. The exception was travelers from the UK.
Estonia has reset the price cap for duty-free parcels
Avaldatud 23. juuni 2021.a.
June will be the last month for buyers from Estonia, when inexpensive goods ordered outside the EU were imported into the country without declaration and payment of duty. An exception will be made only for gifts not more expensive than 45 euros.
Sweden opens maritime borders for Estonia
Avaldatud 17. juuni 2021.a.
Less than a month is left until the ferry route between the capitals of Estonia and Sweden is launched. Maritime borders were closed for more than a year due to quarantine restrictions.
Crossing Estonia's border becomes easier
Avaldatud 10. juuni 2021.a.
Not only negative results of the covid-19 test, but also a document confirming the passage of at least the first stage of vaccination are now accepted as a document to cross the Estonian border. This will make it much easier for Russians to visit relatives.
Estonia's tourism industry is still under threat
Avaldatud 01. juuni 2021.a.
Despite the significant easing of restrictions imposed in Estonia in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, the issue of rapid recovery of the tourism industry in the country remains open. And the problems are not just related to a significant decrease in the number of travelers.
Tallinn-Minsk flights are not canceled yet
Avaldatud 25. mai 2021.a.
The schedule of Estonia's main airport, Tallinna Lennujaam, still includes flights from Minsk. However, a decision to stop flights can be expected at any time, given the tense situation.
Estonia becomes more accessible for EU residents
Avaldatud 18. mai 2021.a.
In the second half of May, Lennart Meri Tallinna International Airport will start accepting flights from Denmark, Norway and France. Thus, the total number of countries with which Estonia resumed flights after the total lockdown will reach 20.
In Estonia the procedure for taxation of cryptocurrencies has been clarified
Avaldatud 12. mai 2021.a.
The Tax and Customs Department of Estonia has clarified the rules for working with cryptocurrency in terms of paying taxes. This issue is particularly relevant in view of the extension of the period for filing an income declaration until the end of May.
Access to the Estonian market will be facilitated for branches of companies
Avaldatud 27. aprill 2021.a.
The Ministry of Justice of Estonia, together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has developed amendments to the legislation that significantly facilitate the opening and operation of branches for foreign companies in the country.
Estonia opens the sky for Russians
Avaldatud 21. aprill 2021.a.
This week the air harbor of the Estonian capital will reopen for passengers from Russia. It is expected that every Sunday, starting from April 25, Aeroflot will operate one flight from Moscow to Tallinn.
Estonia asks to adjust the Mobility Package
Avaldatud 14. aprill 2021.a.
The Estonian Department of Transport, together with representatives of ministries from 8 other countries, asked the EU leadership to amend some of the rules of the Mobility Package. This document will come into effect in a year.
Economic recovery depends on the rate of vaccination
Avaldatud 07. aprill 2021.a.
The Estonian Ministry of Finance has published a forecast for economic recovery for next year. It is said that the growth should be almost 5%. However, this figure depends to a large extent on the rate of vaccination against the coronavirus.
Estonia is ready to introduce "green passports"
Avaldatud 02. aprill 2021.a.
Estonia is ready to introduce special digital passports that allow you to move freely between EU countries in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. The technical basis is already being developed by the blockchain startup Guardtime.
Estonian borders can be opened only in September
Avaldatud 25. märts 2021.a.
The latest data on the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Estonia leave little chance for the country's leadership. Borders can be completely closed for the summer.
Estonian e-commerce will make life easier
Avaldatud 19. märts 2021.a.
To support entrepreneurs in the difficult conditions of the crisis, the Estonian Tax and Customs Department has created a simplified system for paying taxes for online stores that sell their products to other EU countries. The changes in the legislation will come into force on July 1.
Estonia is rapidly losing tourists
Avaldatud 12. märts 2021.a.
According to the data published by the Estonian Statistics Department, the beginning of the new year was disastrous for the country's tourism industry. Due to quarantine restrictions, only 8% of the usual volume of foreign tourists came to the country.