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Billing operator Fortumo joins the Indian market
Avaldatud 17. september 2020.a.
Fortumo, an Estonian telecommunications company specializing in the development of mobile payment tools, has started working with Amazon to enter the Indian market and connect to the services of India's largest mobile operator Jio.
Quarantine opens a market for online developers
Avaldatud 09. september 2020.a.
Estonian developer of financial instruments ForPeeps Payments has launched a new application for mobile devices that allows you to combine accounts of various banks in the European Union in one program.
The pandemic has led to cuts at Tallink Grupp
Avaldatud 03. september 2020.a.
One of the largest shipping companies operating in the Baltic sea, Tallink announced the upcoming large-scale reduction of employees in the divisions responsible for both passenger and cargo transportation.
Lawyers will help Estonian startups
Avaldatud 27. august 2020.a.
The government's Startup Estonia initiative, created specifically to help young entrepreneurs, has teamed up with leading Estonian law firms to develop the basic set of documents needed to launch a new company.
The pandemic reduced Estonian exports by 15%
Avaldatud 11. august 2020.a.
According to statistics for the second quarter of this year, the turnover of Estonia has significantly decreased against the background of current restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. The drop in exports was almost 15%.
Estonia is increasing the number of wind turbines
Avaldatud 05. august 2020.a.
Against the background of the process associated with the decommissioning of the Narva power plant units, Estonia is trying to increase the amount of energy produced by wind turbines. Marine projects are also being considered.
The number of tourists in Estonia is still minimal
Avaldatud 29. juuli 2020.a.
Shipping company Tallink will open the tourist season this week with the first sea cruise. The passenger ship will leave Helsinki and visit several ports in Estonia.
Travel agencies ask to lift the ban on flights
Avaldatud 21. juuli 2020.a.
Representatives of the Estonian tourism industry have made an official request to the government to review the restrictive measures for passenger air transport, imposed in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, due to their low efficiency.
Access to the tax and customs database will become easier
Avaldatud 15. juuli 2020.a.
The Estonian tax and customs Department has opened a new channel for users to access their personal information. Now you can get the data simply by calling the tax and customs Department support service.
The experts involved will help the Estonian exporters
Avaldatud 07. juuli 2020.a.
To support Estonian producers and open new markets during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the national EAS Foundation has developed a program to attract foreign specialists to consult exporters.
Estonia's investment funds have adapted best to the crisis
Avaldatud 30. juuni 2020.a.
The Estonian state investment Fund Enterprise Estonia has become the best in Europe according to the latest published ratings. The organization was able to respond as quickly as possible to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Estonia combines transport departments
Avaldatud 23. juuni 2020.a.
By 2021, the Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia should form a new Agency that will manage sea, road and air transport. By the end of 2022, a decision will be made on whether to include rail transport in this group.
Estonia has lifted the quarantine for Europeans
Avaldatud 16. juuni 2020.a.
At the beginning of the week, Estonia lifted restrictions for citizens of most European Union member States entering the country in the form of going into a 2-week quarantine. Sweden, Portugal, Belgium and the United Kingdom became exceptions.
Flight restrictions were extended for two weeks
Avaldatud 09. juuni 2020.a.
The government of Estonia has extended restrictions on flights to countries where the adverse epidemiological situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic persists. The order will be valid for at least two weeks and can be extended if necessary.
Estonian Railways will be developed on credit
Avaldatud 03. juuni 2020.a.
The European Union will help Estonia to modernize the railway network as part of the development of the Trans-European transport network. The European investment Bank has agreed to allocate a loan of 95 million euros to the Estonian national operator Eesti Raudtee.
Tourism and education are under threat
Avaldatud 27. mai 2020.a.
The statistics Department of Estonia has published disappointing data for the country's tourism industry - the number of foreign visitors decreased by more than 20% in the first quarter of this year. The drop is primarily due to the current European quarantine for the covid-19 pandemic.
Estonia comes out of quarantine on 18 May
Avaldatud 19. mai 2020.a.
At an online meeting held at the end of last week, the government of Estonia decided to terminate the emergency regime imposed in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. All official documents related to this regime are considered invalid since 18 May.
Information about the companies-debtors will be open again
Avaldatud 13. mai 2020.a.
Since the beginning of the unstable period in the economy associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the Tax and customs Department of Estonia has stopped publishing data on companies that are in arrears on mandatory state payments. However, this practice was negatively perceived by most of the business community.
An online store in Estonia can now be opened for free
Avaldatud 28. aprill 2020.a.
Innovative company Shopz.com offered Estonian businesses assistance in the form of 100 free packages for creating an online store and its counterpart for working on a smartphone in the difficult time of the world quarantine. This will allow companies not to suspend commercial activities during the pandemic.
Estonia is ready to leave the quarantine
Avaldatud 20. aprill 2020.a.
At the end of last week the Estonian healthcare authority announced the main data on the incidence of covid-19 in the country. So far, the statistics of infection spread are favorable.