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Estonia has clarified the rules of entry for tourists
Avaldatud 19. jaanuar 2022.a.
Estonia has opened its borders for Russian tourists who have undergone a full vaccination course or have a full package of medical documents on covid-19 history. This information was officially confirmed by the Consulate General of the country in the Russian Federation.
Air transportation is gradually recovering, tourism is still lagging behind
Avaldatud 12. jaanuar 2022.a.
By the end of 2021, Estonia's main airport has reached 70% of the load level of the period before the Covid-19 pandemic. This was largely facilitated by the ”green" passports of the EUDCC, which began to operate in the summer.
Komerk wishes you a happy holiday season!
Avaldatud 22. 2021.a.
Komerk AS, a leading provider of logistics services in Estonia, wishes its partners a happy holiday season and look forward to continued and fruitful collaboration!
Tax and Customs Department reminds of upcoming changes
Avaldatud 16. 2021.a.
Due to the entry into force of the next package of provisions of the European Electronic Identification Regulation, from January 5, 2022, it will be possible to log into the e-MTA personal account only using an ID identifier.
New Year's parcels will need to be declared
Avaldatud 08. 2021.a.
On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Estonian Tax and Customs Department reminds of the need to declare all shipments coming from outside the European Union.
Covid restrictions will not become softer by Christmas
Avaldatud 01. 2021.a.
The Advisory Scientific Council under the Government of Estonia recommended keeping the level of coronavirus restrictions in the country at the same level, as well as tightening the entry check. Specialists are afraid of a new strain of omicron.
Estonia plans to oust Chinese neodymium from the EU
Avaldatud 23. 2021.a.
The Estonian company Silmet, one of the world's leading producers of rare and rare earth metals, plans to build a new permanent magnet manufacturing plant within 4-5 years. This will reduce the dependence of European manufacturers on China.
The "green" transition is becoming more and more expensive
Avaldatud 17. 2021.a.
Raising environmental standards in accordance with EU Directives will require significant investments from Estonia, both from the government and ordinary consumers. Now customers will have to pay extra for disposable containers in stores.
Trade exchange breaks records due to fuel
Avaldatud 10. 2021.a.
According to the Ministry of Finance, in the period from July to September, the indicators of Estonia's foreign trade increased to a record level. Russia has become one of the main importers.
Quarantine restrictions have been tightened to the maximum
Avaldatud 27. 2021.a.
From October 25 until the end of the New Year holidays, Estonia will have new quarantine restrictions that severely limit the possibility of visiting public places for citizens who have not been vaccinated.
Omniva reminds of Christmas gifts
Avaldatud 21. 2021.a.
Postal operator Omniva reminds Estonians of the upcoming holidays and asks them to order everything they need in advance from foreign online stores. On many sites, the delivery time already exceeds 2 months.
Selling shares will be needed for energy development
Avaldatud 05. 2021.a.
Estonia is considering attracting investments in the energy and transport industry by selling part of the shares of state-owned enterprises. The list of companies will be published in early 2022.
They want to transfer oil from the port to the open sea
Avaldatud 30. september 2021.a.
At the governmental level Estonia is considering a possible ban on the transfer of oil and chemicals from ship to ship in its own territorial waters. Local environmental organizations insist on this.
Inflation will head higher in autumn
Avaldatud 22. september 2021.a.
By the end of the year, the price of electricity for Estonian enterprises may double, which will inevitably affect the cost of goods and services. The introduction of the EU Green Initiative can only exacerbate the boost in inflation.
Estonia is preparing for a new wave of covid-19
Avaldatud 15. september 2021.a.
With the coming of cold weather and the period of active spread of viral infections, the Estonian leadership decided to strengthen measures to combat covid-19. Experts hope to mitigate the onset of the next wave of the disease.
"Clean energy" has once again become a topic of discussion in Estonia
Avaldatud 08. september 2021.a.
At the Lennart Meri-2021 conference, held in Tallinn, they once again discussed increasing efforts to create their own sources of environmentally friendly energy in the country. The European Union also urges Estonia to do this.
Imports from Russia are rebounding with a changed structure
Avaldatud 01. september 2021.a.
Trade exchange between Estonia and Russia is gradually beginning to recover from the covid period. According to analysts, the share of imports from Russia increased by 65% compared to last year.
Delta variant tightens restrictions in Estonia
Avaldatud 25. august 2021.a.
The aggressive spread of the delta variant of coronavirus in Estonia forced the government to introduce another package of quarantine restrictions. Visiting public places will be possible only with a mask or a covid passport.
Now tourist sites accept people with certificate
Avaldatud 11. august 2021.a.
The increase in the number of new cases is forcing the government to impose new restrictions in Estonia, which will have a significant impact on tourism infrastructure. Hotels, restaurants and spa complexes can now only provide services to visitors who have a vaccination certificate or a "fresh" test with a negative result.
The government urges enterprises to take vaccines
Avaldatud 03. august 2021.a.
A special medical group will start operating in the Estonian capital to simplify vaccination at enterprises from August. This is especially important for companies working in the fields of transport and logistics.