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The covid-19 crisis in Estonia is not over yet
Avaldatud 04. märts 2021.a.
According to the report of the Estonian Health Department, the country is among the leaders of the EU states in terms of the incidence of coronavirus. Despite the introduction of numerous restrictions, the situation is not stabilizing.
Estonia and Finland ask to ease restrictions
Avaldatud 18. veebruar 2021.a.
Estonian and Finnish business associations have made joint statements to the leadership of neighboring countries to lift some of the restrictions imposed in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. Suomi's toughest rules are now in place.
The year of the pandemic passed without significant losses
Avaldatud 11. veebruar 2021.a.
According to official statistics, Estonia managed to avoid a sharp drop in exports last year and even reduce its foreign trade deficit, despite the difficult economic conditions during the covid-19 pandemic.
Estonia makes it easier for private entrepreneurs to work
Avaldatud 04. veebruar 2021.a.
The Estonian Tax and Customs Department and LHV Bank have developed a special service for individual entrepreneurs that allows them to pay taxes in a simplified mode.
Estonians were banned from entering Suomi until the end of February
Avaldatud 28. jaanuar 2021.a.
Against the background of the next wave of the covid-19 pandemic, Finland has closed its borders on entry, including for citizens of neighboring Estonia. An exception will be made for a small group of people with mandatory testing.
Remote form of work changes the legislative framework
Avaldatud 21. jaanuar 2021.a.
The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed a number of proposals that will make it possible to adjust the Occupational Safety and Health Act and make it more appropriate for working conditions during the covid-19 pandemic.
Estonian Customs reminds of Brexit
Avaldatud 13. jaanuar 2021.a.
The Tax and Customs Department of Estonia has published a memo for entrepreneurs and individuals containing the main changes in the rules of trade with the UK. Since the beginning of the year, in connection with Brexit, crossing the border will require the registration of a customs declaration.
Estonian brewers are looking for new sales markets
Avaldatud 23. 2020.a.
One of the largest Breweries in Estonia, Saku Olletehas, has signed a new contract for the supply of its products to the Russian market. The trial batch was successfully implemented in Russia in the fall.
State support will be limited at the regional level
Avaldatud 17. 2020.a.
Against the backdrop of the economic crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the Estonian government decided primarily to subsidize the most affected counties. Special attention will be paid to the northeastern regions where enterprises stopped their work due to quarantine measures.
Covid-19 could cause a new wave of unemployment in Estonia
Avaldatud 10. 2020.a.
The Analytical Center of the Estonian Parliament published a report on the state of the economy in 2020, paying special attention to the impact on this area of the coronavirus pandemic. Many industries will need significant support for recovery.
The e-Residency program will make it easier for businesses to cope with the crisis
Avaldatud 03. 2020.a.
The Estonian e-residency program, which gives foreign businesses access to the EU market, has become particularly relevant during the covid-19 pandemic. Over the entire period of e-Residency's existence, about 15,000 new companies were opened.
Food exports from Estonia is under threat
Avaldatud 25. 2020.a.
Representatives of the Estonian Parliament say that there is a serious crisis in the production of beverages and food products against the background of the covid-19 pandemic. Further decline in sales may nullify exports to the European Union.
Estonia is tightening quarantine measures
Avaldatud 20. 2020.a.
Due to the significant increase in the number of cases of covid-19 recently, quarantine restrictions, which were in force in the spring, have entered into force again in Estonia. Most of them are about visiting public places.
Enterprise Estonia launches another program to help young companies
Avaldatud 12. 2020.a.
The national business development Fund EAS will accept applications from young companies to participate in the next program to support entrepreneurs until the end of November. The project is implemented jointly with Civitta Estonia, a leading management consulting company in the Baltic States.
Estonian Customs reminds of the rules on postage
Avaldatud 03. 2020.a.
Due to the significant increase in orders from foreign online tobacco stores, especially electronic cigarettes, the Estonian Tax and Customs Department had to issue additional explanations regarding such mail.
Estonian Plumbr will be bought out by American developers
Avaldatud 22. 2020.a.
American company Splunk, which is the developer of one of the most popular machine data collection and analytics platforms in the West, will own the Estonian startup Plumbr.
Estonia is getting used to the new EU transport rules
Avaldatud 14. 2020.a.
Estonian carriers, as well as other EU countries, are getting used to the new requirements for organizing the working conditions of truckers. According to experts, these changes may lead to the bankruptcy of some companies in Eastern Europe.
Support for start-up entrepreneurs will be increased by a quarter
Avaldatud 06. 2020.a.
The state program to support young entrepreneurs in Estonia will soon be changed - the amount of the grant to start a business will be increased by a quarter to 6,000 euros.
Estonia to open air borders
Avaldatud 01. 2020.a.
The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced easing restrictions on air travel related to the covid-19 pandemic. This week air borders will be opened to most EU countries.
Enterprise Estonia helps promote Estonia in the Emirates
Avaldatud 25. september 2020.a.
The first year of operation of the representative office of the Estonian national investment Fund Enterprise Estonia in the UAE was considered extremely successful. During this period, more than 100 companies were assisted in developing a new market in the Persian Gulf.