«AS KOMERK» uudised

To cash money in Estonia has become easier
Avaldatud 14. mai 2019.a.
The network of grocery stores Grossi Toidukaubad has been offering a new service to its customers for two weeks. This is the ability to cash money through the cash register. The service is particularly popular in rural areas.
Tallinn airport will be expanded by several times
Avaldatud 08. mai 2019.a.
Recently the statistical services summed up the results of April in the field of transport: passenger traffic of the Lennart Meri international airport of Tallinn increased by more than 11% compared to last year.
Online trading in Estonia still has room to grow
Avaldatud 30. aprill 2019.a.
Representatives of the Department of payment and settlement systems of the Central Bank of Estonia recently announced statistics on payments made for the first months of the new year. The main increase was made by online transfers for purchases in online stores.
The European Commission will support Estonian innovation with two billion euros
Avaldatud 23. aprill 2019.a.
The Estonian EAS Found, aimed at increasing the number of exporters with high added value products in the country, has launched the next stage of applying for subsidies for young entrepreneurs. The Fund is supported by the European Commission.
Estonian Taxify enters the market of St. Petersburg with a new name
Avaldatud 17. aprill 2019.a.
Estonian ridesharing company Taxify, which began its work as a student startup 6 years ago, announced the beginning of work in St. Petersburg. Now the company, which currently operates in more than 30 countries, is called Bolt.
Scientific startups will receive an additional source of funding
Avaldatud 09. aprill 2019.a.
The Ministry of economy and communications of Estonia announced the creation of a new investment fund Early Fund II and allocation 10 million euros for its work. The main users should be small high-tech companies.
Robots-couriers go out in a big way
Avaldatud 02. aprill 2019.a.
Estonian innovative company Cleveron announced plans to create robot couriers capable of moving in the flow of cars. The first prototypes are already being tested on the roads of the country.
Eesti Gaas to become the leading tanker in the Baltic
Avaldatud 26. märts 2019.a.
Recently the international shipbuilding group Damen announced the launch of a bunkering vessel for the Estonian gas company Eesti Gaas. The main purpose of the ship is mobile refueling of ships with liquefied natural gas.
Estonia has developed a system for remote control of air hubs
Avaldatud 19. märts 2019.a.
The world ATM Congress on air traffic management, which ended last week, was marked by the presentation of a new product from Estonian developers. The concept of "remote tower" was implemented in a new, more versatile application.
Tallinn to become an example of an eco-friendly cruise port
Avaldatud 12. märts 2019.a.
Last week Tallinn hosted a meeting of representatives of companies and organizations associated with the work of cruise ports in the Baltic and North seas. As a result of the conference, the concept of development of port tourism Green Cruise Port was approved.
Iceland will connect to the Estonian X-Road system
Avaldatud 06. märts 2019.a.
Last week, representatives of the ministries of Estonia and Iceland confirmed the intention to connect the Viking country to the Estonian development in the field of secure data exchange X-Road. For now, only Finland is connected to the system except the Estonia such country of the developer.
Estonia invests more than 400 million euros in railways
Avaldatud 27. veebruar 2019.a.
Last week the Ministry of economy and infrastructure of Estonia published the approved plans for the development of the railway industry of the country. In the next 6 years, it is planned to invest more than 400 million euros in the railway net.
Estonian business to storm the Emirates
Avaldatud 20. veebruar 2019.a.
Estonian entrepreneurs, together with the EAS investment fund, are actively increasing exports, including by entering the Middle East markets. This week Estonian companies take part in two of the largest expositions in their industry in the United Arab Emirates.
The European Space Agency to help ferry Tallink
Avaldatud 12. veebruar 2019.a.
Tallink, as one of the largest Baltic shipping companies, plans to implement a joint project with the participation of Finnish specialists and attraction of investments from the European Space Agency (ESA). The main goal is to automate the movement of ships as much as possible.
Estonia will improve its image with the help of professionals
Avaldatud 05. veebruar 2019.a.
The Estonian government expects to spend almost 1 million euros in 2019 to form a more attractive image of the country in terms of investment in the domestic economy. The developed image should be the same for use in all countries.
Road transport aggregators can leave the Estonian market
Avaldatud 29. jaanuar 2019.a.
One of the largest Estonian companies on joint trips Taxify announced a possible exit from the country's market due to the planned changes in the legal framework, which may lead to increased pressure on aggregators.
The number of Start-Up visas is planned to be increased by 2 times
Avaldatud 22. jaanuar 2019.a.
According to the results of the Startup Visa program launched two years ago, the number of applicants for a start visa is constantly growing. In 2019, it is planned to increase the indicators by more than 2 times.
Estonia attracts Latvia to the system of collecting packaging
Avaldatud 15. jaanuar 2019.a.
Representatives of the relevant environmental authorities of Latvia and Estonia have started to develop a project for the establishment of a common system for the storage, processing and disposal of packaging.
A new crypto-exchange opened in Estonia
Avaldatud 09. jaanuar 2019.a.
Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ, a company registered in Estonia, announced the launch of the DX.Exchange cryptocurrency platform earlier this week. The new instrument operates in accordance with the European Union regulatory framework and can be used as a depository.
Crypto trading in Estonia will become more accessible for beginners
Avaldatud 25. 2018.a.
A young Estonian company CoinMetro recently launched the first version of the platform to work with cryptocurrencies and conventional monetary units. The developers hope to combine traditional exchanges and blockchain companies in this way.