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Prime ministers of Estonia and China discussed bilateral economic cooperation
Avaldatud 26. 2015.a.
In the course of a working visit to China Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas discussed with Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang issues of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of logistics, tourism, food industry and oil shale technologies.
Estonia installed the first of 760 border pillars on the border with Russia
Avaldatud 20. 2015.a.
Against the backdrop of cooling of international relations with Russia, Estonia decided to begin border management without waiting for the ratification of boundary treaties.
Export and Import price indexes in Estonia fell significantly
Avaldatud 12. 2015.a.
According to the Department of Statistics in Estonia, in September 2015 compared to the same period last year, export figures decreased by 10%...
Thoughts of termination of the Schengen Agreement in Europe
Avaldatud 06. 2015.a.
The uncontrolled stream of refugees to Europe brought governments of participant-states of the Schengen Agreement to think ofthe borders closure.
Estonian ports can be the part of the "New Silk Road"
Avaldatud 29. 2015.a.
Estonian Ambassador in Kazakhstan Jaan Reinhold has noted interest of the country in a huge logistics project jointly realized by Kazakhstan and China at Horgos.
Estonia and China signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Avaldatud 22. 2015.a.
In a meeting with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas expressedhis hope for the fruitful cooperation in exchange of experience and development of electronic services.
LNG terminal in Estonia is going to be built!
Avaldatud 15. 2015.a.
The European Commission has approved the construction of LNG terminal started earlier by Tallinna Sadam.
Decline in cargo turnover in the Baltic countries
Avaldatud 08. 2015.a.
According to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, cargo turnover in the Baltic countries decreased by 5.7% as compared with the same period in 2014.
The contest for the position of a new head of government enterprise Port of Tallinn is open
Avaldatud 01. 2015.a.
The contest will be carried out by a recruitment agency Amrop Executive Search Baltics OÜ.
Latvia offered Kazakhstan a mutually beneficial project of logistics center
Avaldatud 24. september 2015.a.
Last week in the “Southern capital” of Kazakhstan in the framework of the exhibition “Transport and Logistics” - Transit-Kazakhstan 2015 – there was discussed cooperation of the Baltic States and Kazakhstan in transport sector.
DPD has signed a contract with a large European network for the transport of goods on pallets Palletways
Avaldatud 17. september 2015.a.
The largest company DPD, specializing in delivery of goods to the countries of the Customs Union will become a supplier to 18 more countries in Europe, including the UK, Italy, France and Germany.
Estonia and Finland will discuss a project to build a tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki
Avaldatud 11. september 2015.a.
Architects of the capitals will hold three days of talks, where will be discussed a project to build a tunnel between Estonia and Finland.

It is worth noting that talks about the construction of the tunnel last for 9 years. In March 2008, Tallinn and Helsinki have signed a protocol of intention and were ready to allocate 100 million Euros on each side, but these investments proved insufficient. In 2009 the countries have applied for financing of theproject with the cost of 500-800 million Euros in the EU, but it was denied.

Now the preliminary cost of the project is between 9-13 million Euros, the estimated payback period is 35-40 years.

Source: www.rubaltic.ru
A new head of Port of Tallinn will be chosen in Estonia
Avaldatud 03. september 2015.a.
By decision of Port of Tallinn were satisfied the statements of resignation of Allan Kiili and Ain Kaljurand who are suspected of taking bribes.
The Baltic countries are asking for compensation from the EU for market deprivation
Avaldatud 28. august 2015.a.
Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia applied with a joint request to the commissioner for agriculture in the EU, Phil Hogan, for the facilitation of the dairy products market in the Baltic countries.
Europe allocates funds forsecurity equipment renewing of Estonian border
Avaldatud 20. august 2015.a.
The European Commission will allocate EUR 35 million to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Estonia. With the help of this grant the Estonian government will be able to renew their equipment and technologies for border security.
Freight trains between Tapa and Tartu will move faster
Avaldatud 13. august 2015.a.
The beginning of repair works at the site of the railway Tapa - Tartu is scheduled for September.
Estonian customs purchases X-ray inspection equipment
Avaldatud 06. august 2015.a.
In total Tax and Customs Board of Estonia will purchase 6 X-ray units for a total amount of € 13.2 million.
25% of container import in Russia is overloaded by Baltic ports
Avaldatud 30. juuli 2015.a.
The research of the news agency "PortNews" made following the results of the firsthalf of 2015, revealed that on the background of a sharp decline in container traffic through Russian terminals, container freight TEUs, shipped through the Baltic ports, comprise almost 25% of total container import.
Estonian pork export to non-EUcountrieswill be prohibited
Avaldatud 23. juuli 2015.a.
The sudden outbreak of African swine fever on July 18 on farms of Valagaskiy and Vilyandiskiy districts in Estonia has resulted in quarantine regime in a number of farms, where the number of the largest of which is 131 species.
Ports of Helsinki and Tallinn will be granted 30 million euros from the EU for the development
Avaldatud 16. juuli 2015.a.
One of the most lively shipping lines in Europe - between Estonia and Finland - will receive from the EU 29.3 million euros for the development of infrastructure in ports of Helsinki and Tallinn for the project "Twin-Port II".